If you have received a class notice from Portfolio Recovery regarding debt collector calls, please read this!.

I am now accepting individual cases from across the United States against Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC (PRAA) will pay $18 million (after deduction of attorneys’ fees of up to $5.4 million, expenses, administrative costs and incentive awards) to resolve multidistrict litigation accusing the debt collection company of violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by making autodialed phone calls to consumers without their consent. If you have been called by them you should consider contacting me and opting out of the settlement.  There are approximately 7.4 million class members and your pro-rata recovery will be low.  You do the math.

If only 1% of the 7.4 million claimants file a claim, that is 74,000 claimants.  There is expected to be approximately $12,000,000 to be divided among the claimants.  Answer $162 per claimant.  That is with an only 1% claim rate.  The settlement notice says that some cases have a 10% claim rate.  This settlement makes no sense on an individual basis.

By opting out you can possibly receive the statutory damages of $500 per call or $1,500 per willful call.  You must opt-out by the Court imposed deadline. The Class Notice is here. PR Class Notice

An example of an opt-out form is here. Class Action Opt OutContact me at 817-416-5060 to discuss how you can recover.

I represent individuals against Portfolio Recovery on a contingency fee basis.  You pay no legal fees or expenses unless you win!

Example of individual lawsuit is here.  Portfolio Recovery Complaint

Here is a link to my Portfolio Recovery Class Action website.