Family law matters should be and can be handled professionally and affordably.  From uncontested divorces to more complicated matters, if you have a question regarding a potential divorce, contact me to discuss your options.

In Texas generally all assets owned by an individual before marriage and brought into the marriage are “separate” property.  All assets accumulated during the marriage are “community” property.  Our firm will help you prepare a property division agreement that lists who will own what after the divorce.  Normally, there are six categories of property:

  • Community property awarded to you as your sole property;
  • Community property awarded to your spouse as his/her sole property;
  • Your separate property confirmed as your separate property;
  • Your spouse’s separate property confirmed as his/her separate property;
  • The debts you will assume; and
  • The debts your spouse will assume.

Preparing the proper documents regarding the above six catagories of property is an important step in the divorce process.