Using Confidential Documents in Claims Against Your Employer

It is increasingly common for employees pursuing claims against their employer to use their access to files and databases to gather, in blatant violation of company policy, confidential documents and data that they believe are relevant to their claims. Counsel often becomes aware of this misconduct during an internal investigation or after litigation is commenced, often when the employee or  →


RESULTS: Last 14 months – 5 Trials – 5 Plaintiff’s Verdicts. Jury – Arbitration – Bench – Jury – Jury. I  have a general law practice with an emphasis on employment law, overtime litigation and consumer law. Legal matters should be handled efficiently.  By using the internet I am able to provide my services in a convenient, affordable manner.  Please contact  →

5 Estate-Planning Tasks That You Shouldn’t Put Off

The following article appeared in Morningstar. Keeping tabs on the estate-planning rules during the past few years has been a little like watching Olympic-level table tennis: The action moves quickly, and it’s difficult to keep up. The amount of assets that could pass estate-tax-free drifted upward for most of the 2000s, and the estate tax went away altogether in a  →

The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court It has been said about the United States Supreme Court: “The Supreme Court is not final because it is right, it is right because it is final!” There is a lesson here.  Courts do not always get it right, especially in the eyes of the litigants.  When you go to court, you are not assured of anything.  Thus, most cases settle.  →

Employment Law

I represent employees with regard to all aspects of employment law.  I specialize in drafting employment contracts and severance agreements. I represent employees when they believe they have been treated unfairly. My law practice in the labor and employment area has involved counseling on all aspects of the employer-employee relationship including handling matters in federal and state court, arbitration and  →

Business Law

Business Law My firm is a convenient, single resource to set up, maintain, and dissolve corporations, partnerships, professional associations and limited liability companies. I have been General Counsel to three start-up companies including one publically traded company. I have extensive experience drafting commercial contracts including international agreements.  →


Litigation I represent individuals and organizations in a broad variety of disputes before federal and state courts and in alternative dispute resolution.  →

Estate Planning

Use your time efficiently through the Internet and let me guide you through the process.  You will be amazed how easy it is to prepare your Last Will and Testament, your Medical Directives and your Financial Directives.   You can achieve the peace of mind knowing that your affairs are in order in case something happens to you or your spouse.  You can make sure that  →

Family Law

Family Law Family law matters should be and can be handled professionally and affordably.  From uncontested divorces to more complicated matters, if you have a question regarding a potential divorce, contact me to discuss your options. In Texas generally all assets owned by an individual before marriage and brought into the marriage are “separate” property.  All assets accumulated during the marriage are  →